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    Neglected for years, the bed skirt is making a highly noticed comeback in the bedroom. It adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to your bed, pleasing your eyes greatly. As a full-fledged bedding element, it can, according to your desires, be matched with your bedding set and further enhance the decoration of your interior. At Bonjour le lin, among our linen home items, we offer an extensive range of bed skirts in various styles and dimensions. Discover it without delay and give your bedroom the ambiance of a Five-stars hotel.

    Finding Your Linen Bed Skirt Style

    Do you want to add a touch of coziness or romance to your bedroom? The washed linen bed skirt is perfect for you.

    For a more modern look, you can opt for a tailored model that perfectly fits the bed's height, such as the four-sided or corner-pleated bed skirt models. If you prefer a more playful style, go for bed skirts with bows or ruffles. If you want to add some flair to your room while maintaining sophistication, a valance with cascading rows of ruffles will meet your expectations. Finally, the gathered washed linen bed skirt will bring a touch of romance to your bedroom. Its flowing fabric gently sweeps the floor and adds a hint of bohemian chic to your interior. Guaranteed glamour!

    As you can see, the bed skirt will add style to your bedroom and can be perfectly matched with your linen bedding set.

    Washed Linen for Soft and Colorful Bedding

    Your choice is made, and you know what style you want to bring to your room. Washed linen will create an environment of softness that will soothe you and contribute to the quality of your sleep.

    Washed linen is linen that has undergone several washes to make it more supple and will envelop you in a cloud of luxury. Its slightly wrinkled appearance gives imperfect charm to your bed linen and spares you the hassle of ironing.

    To avoid style mistakes, you now need to know how to coordinate colors. Why not take advantage of buying a bed skirt to renew your bedding as well and discover our wonderful linen bedding sets? Matching doesn't necessarily mean choosing the same solid colors for all your bedding pieces.

    Feel free to mix our various colors while staying within sobriety and not exceeding the use of 3 complementary colors for a single bedding set. Creating a coordination of shades between your bed skirt and curtains, pillowcases, flat sheet, or washed linen duvet cover can add a real plus to your decoration.

    You will take very little risk by choosing a bed skirt in a dark linen color (such as brick red or Bordeaux) and a linen flat sheet in a lighter shade (such as natural or even old rose). Colors like optic white, ivory, or mineral gray are the ultimate choices for a simple room.

    Not sure about the color choice? We offer a sample pouch of our 16 colors for you to contemplate with peace of mind.

    If you're still not convinced about your color scheme, white washed linen embodies the pinnacle of sophistication, combining simplicity and timeless elegance. Its purity and neutrality provide a perfect backdrop for any style of decoration. Paired with luxurious textures and subtle accents, white bed linen evokes a refined and calming ambiance in any bedroom.

    A Bed Skirt in the Right Size

    The most common bed sizes are often suitable for a bed skirt. Bonjour le lin's linen bed skirt is suitable for all bed sizes, from Twin to Calking, whether standard or non-standard. We offer custom-made linen to better meet all your expectations, especially if your bed's height is higher or lower than the more common 15”. Bonjour le lin even makes custom bed skirts for fixed beds as well as for mechanical or electric beds. The time has come to take your measuring tape, calculate the right dimensions for your bed, and dress the perimeter of your bed with washed linen in the most fitted way for optimal bedroom decoration.

    Linen Bed Skirt: A Guarantee of Quality

    Linen is the oldest textile in the world! The word "linen" actually comes from the Latin "linteum," which itself comes from the word "linum," meaning linen. As a 100% natural fiber, linen offers many advantages over cotton, muslin cotton, or any other natural fiber:

    • Thermoregulatory: Linen is a good insulator and a breathable material that will provide freshness in summer and warmth in winter.
    • Extremely resistant fiber: It does not pill or deform.
    • Absorbent and quick-drying: Linen is the obvious choice for bed linen.
    • Hypoallergenic and antibacterial: This healthy material will avoid problems related to skin allergies.
    • Eco-friendly: 100% natural, its transformation into yarn is carried out without chemicals.

    Bonjour le lin guarantees you 100% linen bed linen, with fibers grown in France and fabric woven in centuries-old workshops in northern Portugal. All this complies with Oeko-tex standards, a label that guarantees the absence of toxic and harmful substances for consumer health and environmental protection.

    Your Bed Skirt, Both Aesthetic and Practical

    Often unattractive, the bed frame becomes a real concern as it ages and disrupts the harmony of your space. The bed skirt simply dresses your bed and offers the renewal that your room deserves. The frame structure, legs, and underside of the bed are hidden, and your room regains all its brilliance and freshness.

    Furthermore, beyond the aesthetic aspect of this washed linen bed linen, there is the practical side. Why not use this vacant space to add some storage bins? You now have an entirely invisible space under your bed for storing your belongings. Bonjour le lin promises you elegance and modernity and assures you with your bed skirt high-end bed linen.

    How to Care for a Washed Linen Bed Skirt

    To prevent shrinking of a washed linen bed skirt and extend its lifespan, follow these simple care tips:

    1. Washing: Wash the washed linen bed skirt at a low temperature (max 30°C) with similar colors. A bed skirt is not in direct contact with the user and does not require intensive washing. Avoid bleach and products containing bleaching agents.
    2. Gentle Cycle: Use a gentle cycle for delicate fabrics to reduce stress on the linen fibers.
    3. Mild Detergent: Opt for a mild detergent designed for delicate fabrics. Avoid fabric softeners as they can damage linen fibers.
    4. Drying: Prefer air drying by hanging the bed skirt in the shade. Avoid direct sunlight exposure, as it can cause shrinking.
    5. Ironing: If necessary, iron the bed skirt when it is slightly damp at medium temperature. Use steam to facilitate ironing.

    By following these care tips, you can prevent the washed linen bed skirt from shrinking and maintain its original appearance and size.