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    A bedspread offers multiple advantages for your bedroom. Firstly, it adds an aesthetic touch, instantly transforming the visual appearance of your bedding set and room decor. It allows you to personalize the decoration with a variety of colors, ranging from blue to white, beige, burgundy, gray, and many others, as well as patterns and materials, whether it's made of cotton, cotton gauze, percale cotton, bamboo, honeycomb, or even linen like those crafted at Bonjour le lin.

    In addition to its visual appeal, a bedspread or coverlet protects your other bedding elements from dust, stains, and light, thereby extending the lifespan of your bedding sets. It can also keep you warm during seasonal transitions, before switching to your duvet and duvet cover for the colder winter months.

    Looking for a trendy and timeless bedspread? The linen bedspread will captivate you at first sight. Whether it's padded with cotton or wool, a linen bedspread is the missing element in your bedding set to add that welcoming and comfortable visual touch to your bed. And why not complement it with  linen Pillowcases to accompany you during your TV or bedtime reading sessions?

    Choose your linen bedspread from our selection

    Discover our range of linen bedspreads. A wide variety of colors and sizes are available: beige, blue, green, pink, white, red, coral... For a more classic and understated result, we offer a selection of quilted bedspreads. Furthermore, you have the choice among a wide selection of sizes for your child's bed or a double bed, from Twin to Calking dimensions.

    Our quilted bedspreads are available in a range of 16 colors that you can combine to create your own solid or bicolored and fully reversible bedspread. Whichever option you choose, both sides of your bedspread are made of 100% linen (6.7 oz/yd2) and can be used interchangeably, front or back.

    Regarding the padding, Bonjour le lin has opted for natural materials as well, either cotton or wool with a density of 6.7 oz/ yd2, depending on your needs and the season in which you intend to use it.

    If you prefer a lighter and more bohemian style, you can choose our washed linen bedspread with gathers. This bedspread, with gathers on three sides, offers a very theatrical visual aspect, and its 28” drop elegantly falls to the floor, covering your bed, eliminating the need for an additional bed skirt.

    How to care for your washed linen bedspread?

    To best preserve the beauty and durability of your washed linen bedspread, it is important to follow the manufacturer's care instructions. A bedspread made of linen and padded with cotton or wool requires slightly different care precautions.

    If it is an unpadded linen bedspread or one padded with cotton, it can be easily maintained by machine washing it with a delicate cycle and mild detergent, without bleach or softeners that could damage the fiber. Do not overload your washing machine drum to avoid stressing the fabric weave and causing any deformation.

    If you avoid eating or drinking in bed, there is little chance that the bedspread will develop stubborn stains. However, if that were the case, it is advisable to consult a professional cleaner to avoid partial discoloration due to the use of overly aggressive stain-removing products.

    For a wool-padded bedspread, it must be dry cleaned by a professional or washed by hand in cold water. Wool cannot be machine-washed, as it is prone to shrinkage, felting, and deformation when exposed to hot water and the agitation of a washing machine.

    Indulge in a Linen Bedspread

    Looking for unique ideas to enhance your home decor and improve comfort around your bed? Explore our selection of beautiful bedspreads. These pieces of bed linen combine elegance and functionality, adding a touch of refinement to every bedroom. Whether you prefer a quilted linen bedspread in cotton for a timeless style or a wool model for added warmth, our high-color range will meet your needs. Give your home the luxury of quality bedspreads and transform your sleeping space into a haven of peace. Discover our other washed linen bed linen items to create a soothing and elegant atmosphere in your bedroom.

    3 products