Linen Placemats

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    Linen Placemats: A Must-Have for a Beautiful Dining Table

    To add a touch of originality to your dining table, there's nothing like beautiful table linens to accompany your meals.

    As the preferred backdrop for your plates, whether they're made of terracotta or fine porcelain, linen placemats will complement your washed linen tablecloth, table napkins, and coasters while protecting your tabletop.

    Their beauty lies in the details of artisanal craftsmanship, with a finely woven high-density fabric (6.7 oz/yd2) and dye (Oeko-tex) that give them the durability to withstand multiple machine washes. Our linen placemats have a generous size of 14”x21” (in average) to frame your plate perfectly and allow space for your cutlery.

    A Style of Linen Placemat for Every Occasion

    Bonjour le lin has reimagined and elevated the placemat with various finishes, from basic to more sophisticated options for special occasions like weddings or Christmas dinners.

    In our Bonjour le lin store, you'll find no less than six different styles of linen placemats. They are available in sets of 4 or 6 units.

    The basic design features a ¾” hem all around. We offer a version of the placemat with a lace border, or with a contrasting edging, a blanket stitch, a crocheted border, or a lovely frill for a particularly romantic touch. Each of these designs can be mixed and matched with a washed linen tablecloth or table napkins in the same finishes. Available in 16 colors, they offer endless possibilities for decorating your table to suit your moods and different occasions.

    Linen as a Sustainable Material for Your Table Linens

    Our "premium" French-origin linen is woven and dyed in Portugal, and all our placemats are crafted in our workshops on the outskirts of Lisbon, Portugal, making them 100% European products.

    For those who are environmentally conscious, linen is the preferred material since its cultivation requires very little water, no fertilizers, and it absorbs a significant amount of CO2 during its growth, making it entirely recyclable.

    Linen is exceptionally durable, much more so than any other natural material, making a linen placemat the ideal accessory for your table. You can wash it frequently and use it for a long time without even having to iron it if you prefer not to.