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A natural linen curtain is suitable for all interiors. As a noble and natural material, linen remains a timeless choice in interior decoration and holds a significant place among household linen products, just like your table linens or bed linens. Linen curtains are an elegant and durable option for dressing windows and complementing room decor. Warm and lightweight, linen alone can transform a space. There are various types of linen curtains, ranging from sheer linen with a weight of around 3 ½ oz to heavier linen with a tighter weave at approximately 7 oz, each with its unique characteristics and advantages. Linen sheer curtains add unparalleled elegance to your windows, combining aesthetics and functionality. Their light and natural texture gently filters natural light, creating a warm atmosphere in the room. Linen sheers are perfect for dressing bay windows overlooking a garden or landscape, as they won't obstruct the scenic view you cherish. For rooms like bedrooms, thicker curtains or those with blackout lining are preferred for better sleep and effective thermal and sound insulation. In summary, linen curtains can adapt to any room in your home, enhancing your decor with elegance and practicality.

Natural linen curtains are a popular choice for those seeking an eco-friendly and straightforward product. Made from undyed fabric, these curtains can be used without lining, often serving a more decorative than light-blocking purpose. You can also choose lined curtains (with a white cotton lining) for increased privacy or opt for blackout lining for total thermal and sound insulation, especially in bedrooms. Linen curtains, whether lined or unlined, create a natural and relaxing ambiance in your room. Lined linen curtains are often slightly heavier than unlined ones, making them suitable for rooms where privacy is preferred.

Lined or not, Bonjour le lin offers a wide variety of styles and colors, allowing you to coordinate your curtains with other elements of your decor or household linen. Explore our numerous models made from 100% pure linen fabric, from natural undyed linen to our sixteen complementary colors. Whether it's white, ivory, pink, mineral gray, lead gray, green, black, glacier blue, or midnight blue, among others, our linen curtains can be customized to your preferences.

How to Care for Linen Curtains?

It is essential to follow the manufacturer's care instructions to preserve the luxurious appearance of linen curtains and other linen products for as long as possible. Proper maintenance plays a vital role in their longevity. Learning the appropriate techniques for washing and caring for your linen curtains will help maintain their natural texture and shine while adding a touch of freshness to your space.

Linen curtains tend to shrink slightly after the first wash due to the natural fibers of linen. To avoid this, wash them in cold water with a mild detergent, use a gentle wash cycle, avoid overloading the machine, and skip the dryer. Instead, air-dry them. If necessary, iron them at a low temperature with steam to relax the fabric. The shrinkage is usually minimal and should not affect the appearance or utility of linen curtains.

Linen Blackout Curtains on Bonjour le lin.

 You can also opt for linen curtains lined with blackout fabric if you are looking for excellent thermal insulation and protection against light and noise. In an era where we are all called upon to reduce our energy footprint on the planet, dressing our windows with blackout curtains becomes essential. Finished linen curtains with blackout lining can even provide superior insulation compared to velvet curtains. However, it's worth noting that blackout linen curtains are generally heavier and thicker than other types of linen curtains, so be sure to have a sturdy hanging system.

Linen Blackout Curtains, cotton-lined curtains, beige linen curtains, blue linen curtains, burgundy curtains, coral curtains, or natural linen curtains - Linenshed's range of linen curtains adapts to all your desires. With a choice of classic or romantic styles, with our Ruffled linen curtains, a wide range of colors, and sizes, our washed linen curtains easily complement any decor style. Need a custom-sized curtain for your window? All our curtain models are available in made-to-measure options. If you feel like making your own linen curtains, explore our offer of wide-width linen fabric by the yard to unleash your creativity.

Linen Curtains for Every Style

Choose linen curtains for their lightweight, sturdy fabric, and ease of care. Washed linen allows you to achieve an elegant yet relaxed look, from the bedroom to the living room and even the bathroom with our linen shower curtains, with or without a waterproof lining. Our shower curtains, like the rest of our household linen, are available in our 16 colors, making it easy to coordinate with your bath mat or bath towels. Linen helps keep a room cool in the summer and retains warmth in the winter, making it an excellent choice for year-round use. Our linen curtains also come in various hanging styles, whether with metal rings, ties, concealed or visible tabs for hanging on a rod, or with a ruffle tape (commonly known as "ruflette") that allows you to attach rings for hanging on a rail or rod and create more or less pronounced folds.

A Few Tips Before Confirming the Dimensions of Your Custom Curtains.

Taking precise measurements is crucial when ordering curtains to ensure a perfect fit and optimal aesthetics. Here is a comprehensive guide to measuring your windows correctly:

Start by using a metal tape measure (preferably 5 yards) for precise measurements. Begin by measuring the total width of the window, from the outer edge of the frame to the other. Note this measurement as the total width in inches (inches are the unit to be entered in our menu). Next, measure the height from the top of the rod or hooks on the rail that is installed to the floor. If you want floor-length curtains, this will determine the total height. If you prefer curtains that stop at the window sill or at the height of a radiator, measure to that point. For pleated curtains finished with a ruffle tape, multiply the total width by a factor, usually between 1.5 to 3, depending on the desired pleat type. This will add fullness and extra elegance. If your curtains will be regularly drawn, make sure they do not cover switches or power outlets. Also, measure the available space on each side of the window to determine the maximum width of the brackets. If you opt for curtain rods, measure the total width of the window, then add a few centimeters on each side to allow the curtains to open fully without blocking the light. Take precise measurements for each individual window, as dimensions can vary from one window to another. Also, consider the sun's position and the desired level of privacy when choosing lined or unlined linen curtains.

In conclusion, precision is essential when ordering custom curtains. Take the time to measure carefully the width, height, and all relevant details to ensure curtains that fit perfectly on your windows, adding both style and functionality to your space.

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