Linen Tablecloths

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    Welcome to the luxurious Linen Tablecloth range at Bonjour Le Lin. Made using 100% pure flax fiber linen of French and Belgian origin, our custom linen tablecloths are the perfect way to adorn your table with elegance and style. 

    We use the finest material that softens with every wash for years of unwavering quality. Our customers love our elegant luxury linen tablecloths because:

    We Tailor to meet our Customer's Needs

    Our range includes standard linen tablecloths in a variety of sizes. In inches, most of our tablecloths start at 70" x 70" and increase in size up to 70" x 128". We tailor our round linen tablecloths to the size of 70" up to 108" as standard - ensure you Allow an additional 12" drop on the four sides of your tabletop.

    Our Linen Tablecloth with contrasted border is our only option customizable to a rectangular shape. We can customize and hand-tailor the rest of our beautiful range to round, rectangular, or oval sizes depending on your needs at various prices per yard.

    Our Delightful Color Selection

    At Bonjour Le Lin, we provide customers with 16 delightful color options. Our optic white linen tablecloth is popular, but our range includes nude, French blue, stone grey, and more. Pick the perfect color to compliment linen table runner or linen napkin ranges.

    Our Variety of Elegant Designs

    The Bonjour Le Lin collection of tablecloths includes seven options:

    • Rustic Linen Tablecloth
    • Pure Washed Linen Ruffled Tablecloth
    • Bourdon Edge Tablecloth
    • Hemstitched Linen Tablecloth
    • Linen Tablecloth with contrasted border
    • Blanket Stitch Linen Tablecloth

    Explore our range today to find your perfect style.

    The Long-Lasting Quality

    Our natural linen tablecloths, tailored using the highest-quality long-flax linen fibers, are long-lasting, easy to wash, luxuriously soft, and quick to dry with anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-allergenic properties. They're the perfect option for your dining table.