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Table linen is about the joy of hosting, setting a beautiful table, and enjoying the pleasures of life.

Bonjour le lin's Linen Table Linen

Discover our online home linen boutique and its collection dedicated to 100% pure French linen table linen. Our range includes high-quality linen tablecloths, napkins, sets, and table runners. Whether with a simple or ruffled edge, plain or with contrasting borders, our washed linen table linen comes in numerous colors, just like the rest of our products, such as white, ivory, French blue, mineral gray, and many more, as well as natural, undyed linen to easily mix and match. Our selection covers a wide range of tablecloth formats, including square, rectangular, circular, or oval, as well as custom-made options in various sizes.

Thanks to the use of wide-width fabric (114 inches), we can craft very large tablecloths without any seams. Whether for a dining table or a wedding banquet, we are here to assist with all your table or home decoration inquiries.

Linen fabrics complement all interiors, from classic to modern, adding an undeniable touch of refinement. Our linen tablecloths coordinate with our placemats, napkins, and table runners.

Why Choose Linen for Your Table Linen?

Opting for linen table linen offers a unique experience due to its exceptional practicality. Linen, as a natural and eco-friendly fiber, represents an environmentally friendly choice. However, it's not just its durability that sets it apart; it's also remarkably easy to care for.

Linen tablecloths, napkins, and placemats are ideal companions during meals thanks to their exceptional absorbent capacity. Linen fibers quickly absorb spilled liquids, preventing stubborn stains and protecting your table from prolonged exposure to liquids. Linen absorbs liquids 5 times faster than cotton. This feature not only maintains table cleanliness but also greatly facilitates the cleaning process.

Moreover, maintaining these linen items is remarkably simple. The intrinsic properties of linen minimize the effort required to preserve their original luster. Easy washing, even at high temperatures, and the ability to retain their luxurious appearance over time make linen table linen a practical and aesthetic choice for those who appreciate convenience without sacrificing style. In summary, linen proves to be a valuable ally for convivial moments, simplifying every aspect of the dining experience.

As a natural fiber, linen lends timeless elegance to your table linen. However, it's essential to note that after weaving, even if it has already been pre-washed, linen may experience slight shrinkage during the first wash. Therefore, it's advisable to allow for an additional margin of 3 to 5% when confirming the final size of a tablecloth. This precaution ensures a perfect fit after the initial wash, preserving the quality and beauty of linen table linen while providing a durable and refined experience.

How to Order the Right-Sized Linen Tablecloth?

At Bonjour le lin, our commitment to elegance and personalization comes to life through our extensive selection of home linen. We not only offer an extensive range of styles and colors but also take pride in offering exceptional flexibility in crafting our products to meet the specific needs and requirements of our customers. After choosing the style and color of your tablecloth in our store, the next equally important step is to confirm the dimensions based on the table you've decided to dress. The dimensions to confirm when ordering are the overall dimensions of the tablecloth you want, not the dimensions of your table. Therefore, it is advisable to add an extra margin of 20” to 24” to the length and width, or diameter if it's circular, of your table to ensure an elegant drape of 10” to 12” around the table.

Especially for memorable events such as weddings or receptions, Bonjour le lin excels in crafting custom tablecloths, even in exceptional dimensions. Our use of wide-width fabrics allows us to meet the most ambitious challenges when it comes to custom-made items. Thus, whether you dream of a personalized tablecloth for a grand event, our dedicated team goes the extra mile to create unique pieces that exceed your expectations in terms of quality, style, and size. At Bonjour le lin, the art of customizing your spaces takes on a new dimension, with each tablecloth being a perfect fusion of luxury, adaptability, and exceptional craftsmanship.

How to Wash Linen to Keep It Supple?

To maintain the suppleness of linen, it is essential to follow certain care tips to preserve the luxurious appearance of your tablecloth and other linen products for as long as possible. Use cold or warm water with a mild detergent to avoid excessive fabric shrinkage. Preferably, wash by hand or machine wash with a gentle cycle, separating colors. Avoid using fabric softener, as one of linen's peculiarities is that it naturally becomes softer over time. Softeners tend to create a coating on linen, reducing its absorption capacity, weakening the fabric's fibers over time, reducing durability, and potentially causing allergies, which can be very concerning for items in direct contact with the skin, such as towels. Air-dry the items, avoiding direct sunlight, and iron them inside out at a medium temperature if necessary. By following these linen care tips when washing your linen tablecloth or home linen in general, you preserve the quality and suppleness of your linen items so that they remain in perfect condition for many years of regular use.

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