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Table linen is the pleasure of receiving, setting a beautiful table and enjoying the pleasures of life. Discover our collection of table linen in 100% pure linen fabrics.

Tablecloths, napkins, placemats and table runners in premium linen, simple or ruffled, plain or with contrasting edges, our washed linen table linen comes in many colors, white, ivory, French blue, mineral gray and many more, as well as natural undyed linen.

Square, rectangular, round or oval linen tablecloth

Our offer includes a wide choice of tablecloth models in square, rectangular and circular format, or even oval in various standard size  but also made-to-measure. Linen fabrics match any interior. Classic, modern or contemporary furnishings, it adds an undeniable touch of refinement.

Our tablecloths are coordinated with our washed linen napkins as well as our table runners and placemats.

Whether it is for your dining room table, or for a wedding banquet, we are here to answer all your requests.

Linen is a fabric that is renowned for the various health benefits it offers to users. In fact, of all plant-based fabrics, linen is the only material that does not allow the growth and spread of bacteria, mould, mildew and fungi.

Linen is an extremely safe fabric to use as a tablecloth or a table cover. The material does not allow dust particles from sticking to its layers and this ensures that the fabric remains clean and safe for a longer period of time.

Another major benefit of using linen for your tablecloth and covers is its antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties. Your little ones may drop food on the table and may proceed to consume it. A dirty cotton, wool or synthetic tablecloth with its microbes and dust can be exceptionally dangerous to your child’s health. Linen, being antimicrobial and anti-allergic, will protect your loved ones against fabric-caused illnesses and diseases.

Bonjour le lin linen for Quality Tablecloth

Are your table covers and tablecloths old and due for replacement? Choose Bonjour le lin for a wonderful collection of linen table cover options. From simple placemats to table covers with fancy edges, you will find absolutely everything that you are looking for.

Our large collection of linens for tables and bedding come in various sizes and multiple spectacular colours. From warm burgundy to ivory, you have a huge collection of colourful linen to choose from when designing your own custom linen tablecloths or even when creating a washed linen duvet cover custom made for you. Our list of products also includes table runners, napkins and other decorative linen. Be sure to check out the range of linen we carry during your visit to our website.

Most of our table linen includes simple pieces of fabrics, with basic designs. But, if you wish for more ornamental pieces, take a look at our ruffled table covers and our tablecloths with Bourdon edges. Whether you need something rustic or want something ostentatious, you can be sure to find the table linen of your choice on Bonjour le lin. Use these during a party or a special event and watch as you become the envy of the neighbourhood.

We understand that you may require custom linen tablecloths of different sizes. We stock a wide range of products that come in different dimensions. If you would like the cloth to be altered, speak to our team of customer representatives. Our team of qualified tailors will alter your table linen according to your requirements.

Benefits of Table Linens

  • Your linen tablecloth will remain clean far longer than cloth made from other fabrics.
  • Washing won’t be a hassle, as dirt and grime don’t stick to linen that easily. Additionally, your tablecloth will become softer after each wash, making it extremely comfortable to use.
  • Your linen table covers won’t wrinkle as much as other fabrics and this reduces the time, efforts and finances you need to spend on table linen maintenance.
  • Your tablecover linens will neither cause an allergic reaction nor be a source for illnesses, given its antimicrobial and hypoallergenic properties.
  • Linen has high air permeability and this ensures that your tablecover remains ideal for every season and weather.
  • Choosing linen as your table fabric will allow you to add a sophisticated and elegant look to your dining area

The linen placemats and linen tablecloths sold by Bonjour le lin is manufactured using 100% pure linen, made from sturdy French flax seeds. All of our linen is homespun, ensuring top-quality finishing. Our linen table covers are enzyme washed, giving them a beautiful worn-in look, which will add an urbane look to your furniture.

In addition to tablecloth and table covers, Bonjour le lin sells a wide range of linen bedding. From a linen fitted sheet to duvet covers, you will find a wonderful range of linen bedding with us. If you like using linen clothing, be sure to visit our loungewear for women section. A-line skirts, ankle-length dresses, frilly nightgowns and fitted pajamas are just a few of the loungewear you will find here.

Bonjour le lin delivers across the USA and all orders are eligible for free shipping. Contact us for more information. You can also email our customer services team for assistance.

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