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    Among the exceptional collection of high-quality linen clothing for women, Bonjour le lin offers a selection of linen skirts that combine elegance, comfort, and durability. Linen, with its naturally breathable and lightweight fabric properties, is the perfect material for creating skirts that can suit all seasons and occasions.

    Explore our online store for 100% linen items, made in Portugal, available in a wide variety of styles and colours. Whether you're looking for a long skirt for an evening out or a casual skirt for a day in the city, you will certainly find your perfect match among the many options available to you.

    You can easily find the linen skirt to pair with a linen shirt or t-shirt through our range of colors, which range from neutral and classic tones like white, beige, or ivory, to brighter and bolder shades such as red, coral, burgundy, French blue, or olive green. We have a linen skirt for every personality and style preference.

    The quality of the linen used for our items is simply exceptional. Bonjour le lin distinguishes itself through its commitment to using only natural fiber in the making of offered garments, and our washed linen with a density of 190 gr/m2 ensures that a skirt purchased from Bonjour le lin will last for many years. The special treatment used to give it a slightly structured appearance, without the need for ironing, provides a softness to the fabric that will become even softer and more comfortable with each wash, meaning that your skirt will become more enjoyable to wear over time.

    The versatility of a linen skirt is also a major asset. A linen skirt is synonymous with elegance, and paired with one of our lovely blouses, you can wear it for a chic evening out. Linen is also synonymous with comfort, and when paired with your favourite t-shirt, you'll immediately adopt a casual style for a day out with friends. As you can see, linen clothing is ideal for both work and leisure.

    To increase the comfort of your skirt, we recommend following our size guide to ensure you select the perfect skirt before confirming your order. Our team is available to accommodate any special requests for modifications to our existing designs.

    Discover the other products in our women's clothing line, such as linen pants, dresses, shorts, pajamas, or robes, to build a high-quality wardrobe. Bonjour le lin also distinguishes itself through its commitment to product sustainability. Among all natural fibers, linen is indeed the material that is grown in the most environmentally friendly way, requiring less water than other materials such as cotton. Bonjour le lin also strives to reduce its carbon footprint by using linen from France, woven and dyed in Portugal using environmentally-friendly manufacturing methods, making it an eco-conscious choice for the informed consumer.

    1 product