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Soft and sturdy, linen has a way of draping over the body in ways that other fabrics do not. At Bonjour le lin, we stock quality linen clothing for women. From luxury pyjamas to casual dresses and skirts, you will find a gorgeous collection of colourful clothing on our online store.

We take a lot of care for producing the perfect piece of clothing that will fit perfectly according to the size you required. Please make sure that you have consulted our size guide prior to ordering as standard sizes may vary from country to country. If you require a small adjustment, please write to us or leave a note with your order. And keep in mind that the clothes, as they are custom made for you, are not eligible for a return, exchange or refund.

With over twenty years experience in the French clothing industry, Bonjour le lin is bringing its extensive range of classy products to the United States. Having been part of the fashion and clothing line for decades, we know exactly what a woman looks for in a fabric. From aesthetics to comfort, linen checks every box on the list.

Our range of beautiful loungewear for women is made from superior-quality, locally-sourced linen. We only use earthy French flax seeds to produce our material. With their rich and full-bodied textures, bold colors, high thread count and elegant designs, our products are designed to provide wearers with a comfort and look that is unparalleled.

Linen fabric is best produced in small batches and at Bonjour le lin, we do not believe in mass production. We procure strong and supple fabric, the best of the season, from our suppliers. All of our fabrics are homespun, ensuring high quality in design and finishing.

We understand that every woman has her own specific requirements when it comes to clothing and our artisans can create unique designs which suit your body shape and cater to your tastes. You can also order from our extensive range of pre-stitched clothes. Our clothing comes in various sizing options and colors. You are sure to find what you are looking for.

Classy & Comfortable Linen Clothing

Traditional, yet trendy; linen has been a favored fabric across the ages and at Bonjour le lin, we are upholding the age-old tradition of this beautiful material in our linen pajamas. All of our clothing is made of locally sourced and homespun 100% pure linen fabric.

Soft and breathable, our clothing offers you flexibility and ease of movement. All of our clothes are designed keeping in mind the different body shapes that women have. You can also have clothes made-to-measure. Select the color of your choice, decide on the thread count and style and wait for the magic to unfold. Our tailors are no less than artists and they will stitch bespoke clothing to suit your requirements.

Our women’s loungewear products are suitable for both outside and home use. Our clothes are available in both loose-fitting and clinging styles and are colored using natural, skin-friendly pigments. From light beige to green olive, there are many options that you can explore.

With our colorful linen clothing, your wardrobe will never be boring again. Sleeveless tops, ruffled shorts, A-line nightgowns and kimono bathrobes form part of our extensive product line.

Choosing Linen Over Other Fabrics

A woman performs a multi-faceted role in the world. Her busy schedule requires her to be constantly on the move. Given all the work she puts in, she deserves clothing that is both comfortable and dependable. What better fabric for her, than flexible and protective linen?

Linen has been the only natural material to be used not just outside the human body, but even inside. The healing properties that linen offers makes it one of the best choices of material for everything from surgical sutures to blackout bedroom curtains.

Not only is linen good for the body, but it also provides a look so elegant and classy, a trait that can only be poorly imitated by other fabrics, that people who swear by linen seldom take to another fabric so well.

Benefits Of Linen Fabric:

  • Linen is sturdy and durable, making it a good choice for clothing
  • It has high air permeability and heat conductivity, making it ideal for all weather conditions
  • Flax fibre has anti-radiation properties and does not absorb harmful rays from the sun
  • The material is gentle on sensitive skin and injuries
  • Linen causes lesser allergic reactions in the wearer compared to other fabrics
  • Extremely light, linen is easy to wear and comfortable to travel in
  • Linen prevents the growth of bacteria by reducing perspiration
  • This is one of the only fabrics which becomes softer over time, after repeated washing

Considering all the above benefits, it’s easy to see why linen fabrics are favoured for clothing and these reasons are exactly why Bonjour le lin specialises in linen loungewear for women.

Quality Linen Bedding and Pajamas

Bonjour le lin is proud to introduce its new line of superior-quality and luxurious linen bedding and pajamas. From fitted sheets to linen duvet covers, you can find a comprehensive range of bedding products with us. Coming in various sizes and in a variety of color combinations and designs, our 100% pure linen bedding are a treat for the senses. Decorate your home with gorgeous linen bedding and be the cynosure of all eyes.

Visit our collection of linen products here!

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