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    The Short History of the Tunic

    The tunic is a garment that dates back to ancient times. Under the name "tunica," it served as a clothing piece worn like a dress or a long shirt. Over the centuries, the tunic has evolved into a garment often associated with certain professions and sailors due to its practicality.

    Traditionally made from cotton fabric, Bonjour le lin reimagines it by offering it in a range of 16 high-quality linen colors for better durability and supreme comfort.

    This tunic shirt is characterized by its loose fit and split collar. The tunic can be made with short or long sleeves, and if it has a button, it is usually placed on the inside, as it originally served to prevent snagging objects or the fishing nets of Breton fishermen. This traditional garment, still manufactured today and worn by the French navy, has become an iconic product that can be worn indoors, during vacations, or for sports activities throughout the year.

    Why Choose a Linen Tunic?

    There are several reasons why one might prefer a linen tunic over a cotton one. Firstly, linen is a lightweight and breathable natural fiber, making it an ideal choice for hot climates, as it allows for better regulation of body temperature. Additionally, linen has absorbent properties, wicking away sweat and maintaining a feeling of freshness. It is also more durable than cotton, resistant to wear and repeated washings. Finally, linen has a unique texture and an elegant aesthetic, making it a favored choice for both casual and dressier outfits.

    Choosing Your Washed Linen Tunic

    Bonjour le lin offers a collection of tunics suitable for year-round wear. Shirts and tunics are available in sizes ranging from XS to 2XL for women and from XS to 4XL for the men's collection. It is advisable to consult our size guide before confirming your order (the dimensions provided there refer to body measurements, not garment dimensions, particularly at the bust when ordering a tunic).

    The tunic has a loose fit that may shrink slightly during the first machine wash. If you require a slight modification in the length of the garment at the back or sleeves, our team will always be attentive to your needs. The washed linen tunic is easy to maintain, and its special treatment gives it the beloved texture and softness that require no ironing. Therefore, our washed linen tunic is the ideal garment and a trendy alternative to a shirt, suitable for wearing over jeans, linen pants, or even shorts or washed cotton shorts.

    2 products